Parks and Trails

Great Hills Parks and Trails

Great Hills is strewn with family-friendly parks and laced with numerous hiking and multi-use trails. Many of these trails are pet-friendly as well as kid-friendly, making hiking the perfect activity to engage in with the whole family.

One popular park is Great Hills Park. This area has been called a “wilderness oasis right in North Austin,” and it’s easy to see why. The park features a rocky trail that includes steep hills and easily fordable streams. The thick foliage provides some shade even on the sunniest days. Great Hills Park includes several different trails off the main one, allowing hikers to experience something new with every visit. Hikers are likely to see deer and turtles in addition to a wide array of native flora. Some of the easier trails include manmade stairs to help with the climb. The deeper areas of the stream are easily crossed via bridges, but can also be a fun place to go wading on a hot Texas afternoon.

Things to Do in Great Hills

Great Hills Parks and TrailsThe pet-friendly park has multiple entrances, reducing the likelihood that a crowd will form in any one area. On the rare occasion that Great Hills Park does get crowded, visitors can escape to one of the secluded areas with picnic tables tucked away in the trees. In addition to the hiking trail, Great Hills Park includes a covered pavilion. This can be rented out for events and is the perfect place for a child’s birthday party or family reunion. There is also a shady play area that is great for active kids of all ages. They will love the swings, slides, and jungle gyms. Adults love the variety of exercise equipment located in Great Hills Park’s state-of-the-art outdoor gym.

Another popular trail is the St. Edwards Park – Hill Trail. This uphill climb ends with a panoramic view from the top of an impressive bluff. The view encompasses miles of trees and a sparkling creek. The trail is broken up by several places where hikers can relax next to the creek before crossing the rugged riverbank. One section of the creek even includes a rope swing! In addition to the spectacular views, another highlight of this trail are the dam waterfalls and rock bridge that must be crossed to get to the upper side of the hilly trail. There are several different trails of varying difficulty, ensuring that there is something here for everyone. Small children will enjoy the flat trails along the road while experienced climbers might choose one of the steeper trails for a more challenging hike.

The river that runs through St. Edwards Park attracts kayakers from all around Austin. The clear water of Bull Creek is perfect for wading as well as floating and kayaking. Visitors to the trails and the creek can all enjoy the wildlife and beautiful scenery, and the variety of plants endemic to the region, including several species of cactus. Get out today and enjoy everything that Great Hills and the Texas Hill Country have to offer.

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